The Super Mithoghumnu

An Old Fashioned Love Song


Tracking device

I've bought one of those gps bracelet things. They're really great! We've decided that everyone in the family should wear one when we leave home so that we can check on each other in case something should happen to us. You can never be too careful. But to be honest I kinda like the bracelets. They look nice. The come in alot of different colors as well, so that's nice. But if someone gets lost all we need to do is to type in some serial number on the internet and we can see where they are. 


My boys are twins, so their birthday is at the same day. Together they get a massive amount of presents, something they really look forward to every year again. My husband and I are less excited about it. We already know that we'll be building things for days, as the presents they get usually need assembling. Some things are quite sophisticated, I must say. Little robots with joints so their arms and feet can move like ours. Nice lights and even electronic voices in them, I can understand that the kids like those things.